Friends Without Names

by Clockwork Orchestra

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released September 24, 2012

All songs composed, performed and produced by Paul Mangan
Additional production by Paul O'Byrne
Mastered by Francesco Donadello at Calyx Mastering
Design and illustrations by Heiko Windisch
Audio clip on "Miss World" courtesy of Archer Audio Archives



all rights reserved


Clockwork Orchestra Ireland

Clockwork Orchestra is the moniker of Dublin based songwriter, bedroom producer and control freak extraordinaire Paul Mangan. His idiosyncratic brand of melody driven music juxtaposes hyperactive synth riffs, melancholic piano balladry and psychedelic string arrangements together to conjure up a strange land of musical toys and colourful characters. ... more

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Track Name: The Book That Won't Be Read
You swore black was white
But there was no end in sight
As you typed your life away
You won't come out with me
As I know you'd rather be
With the book that won't be read

Edit, credit, just in case someone said it
Perfection without direction
The moth eaten years
And the ink drop tears
Fall on the book that won't be read

Don't stop until you drop
Don't stop until you drop
Don't stop until you've given every fibre of your being
Your heart and soul
Start to lose your mind
And lose control

I swore white was black
And I'll never take it back
It's worth it, of course it is
And how I feel must be how all the geniuses (idiots) felt
When they wrote their books that no one read
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Birth to death
She set the table of his life
Spoon fork and knife
All this and more than words can ever say
But will she have me as I am today?

Run through the rain
You took a trip down memory lane
But never again
She couldn't quite remember your name
But I remember a time when I fell gravely ill
And forced myself to take life's bitter pill
But that's all in the past

You are cold come in I'll warm you up
Cold and yet you'd rather catch your death

Staring into the abyss caused a metamorphosis
Went inside a normal boy woke up in a world so unkind

Better yourself
who wouldn't want to better themselves?
The deeper we delve
And put the other you on the shelf
for good

The walls cry out the windows pain
All for the girl the doctors called insane

Went inside a normal boy woke up in a world unkind
Staring into the abyss caused another...
Track Name: Accident
Child of chance and circumstance
The particals began to dance
Seeds were sewn and limbs were grown
But all along it was unkown that...

It was an accident
It was an accident

I was an accident
And you were an accident

Looking for a sign
By design or divine
Looking for a sign
By design or devine
Keep looking for a sign
Until we run out of time

Doomsday, the birds of prey
Encircle and tear away
The building blocks that interlocked
Our hopeless towns, now stop the clock
Track Name: Paper Purse
Paper boats
Seldom stay afloat
It seems
In these mercenary days
Everybody says goodbye
Why not make your own?
No more days alone
With a pair of scissors in her hand
She cuts herself a man

Ifs and buts
Worth the paper cuts
At night
But he's oh so delicate
Can't let him get wet or torn
Treat like a child newborn

Life is short
Like a passing thought
She knows
So she takes him everywhere
And life feels almost fair
To her

But he's in the dark
When her friends remark
He hides
But I guess it could be worse
In her paper purse
Track Name: Strawberries And Blueberries
Left alone
In the snow
With the words:

Our land is strawberries
Your land is blueberries
Our land is strawberries
Your land is blueberries

What was found now is lost
Lost to time and nursery rhymes
Now I see the loneliness
Of this place and its race
Track Name: Talking To The Flowers
Daisy, rose, chrysanthemum
Talking to the flowers
For there is no one to listen
Nowhere to spend my hours

Through the brambles dank and dour
Lie the broken reeds
All that remains of happier days
Lost in my memory

Flowers (I try), hours (pass by)

Friends and foes and family
Lived and loved and died
This is the forfeit of longevity
When you're all that is left behind

Winter's woes are wearing thin
Spring could swing both ways
Summer makes for cancerous skin
Autumn shall bring decay

Flowers (I try), hours (pass by)

Jack Frost is looming
To halt Summer's blooming
Perpetually pruning
The leaves taking their leave
Now that I'm aged and haggard
I stumble I stagger
I'm bent over backwards
The trees tremble and freeze
Saying to me
This is the Winter of our discontent

Daisy, rose, chrysanthemum
Talking to the flowers
For there is nobody to bury me
Until the April showers
Track Name: Zebedee
Oh Zebedee, you're running after me
The comic tragedy, you'll never catch me
A house of ill repute where lies become the truth
Provides forbidden fruit for <em>Friends Without Names</em>

(It's all fun and games) 'til somebody dies
The parents cry "he was out little boy"
Well that could be him dressed in a disguise
Or it could be me, so open my...

No, it only goes to show
that what you never know is worth twice as much
As all you see and touch, two rabbits in a hutch
If paradise is Dutch, then Eden's a lie
A pie in the sky, a sweet lullaby

We're only human
We're only human
We're only...
We're only...

Oh Zebedee, a chronic symphony
Performing after me in key minor G
A shadow from your past, a snake within the grass
Residing in the glass of someone's champagne
Break another heart and stake
Your earnings on a horse, a loser of course
And if you think it's right, the consequences slight
Saint Anthony just might, be someone to know

Oh he's in like a flash
On top of a spring with a curly moustache
She'll do anything for the man with the rash
And that could be me so open my...

Nauseous feelings are appealing
When you get that sinking feeling come down
Get off the tragic roundabout
Track Name: Skeleton Skeleton
Skeleton skeleton inside of me
Show me the person that I've always wanted to become
In you I confide
What would you do if you could get outside?
Track Name: Miss World
To be the best in breed
You must succeed
In every move you make tonight
Powder your nose
Tailor your clothes
To see your name put up in lights

Surprise is in your eyes
And in your thighs
There was no cellulite in sight
Oh so well groomed
With your perfume
You were the sweetest rose

You are Miss World tonight
No more a girl tonight
You are Miss World tonight

No shame,
The quest for fame
Is that your aim?
Or is it greed that makes you tick?
Faberge legs
The question begs
Is there not more to life?

Is there not more to life?
Or is it worth the strife?
Is there not more to life?

Miss World today, Miss nobody the next
The price you pay is written on blank checks
We're holding hands, but no more than hands
Protective hands, for a thousand fans
Proclaim this girl as poker-piping hot
Pipe down, you're not, they've already forgot
Your name, your fame, so quickly on the wane
From A to Z list celebrity

Twelve months, they came and went
And those were spent
Almost reclusively
To whom, it may concern
Our lady yearned
To be a girl again

No more miss world tonight
You're just a girl tonight
No more Miss World tonight
Track Name: Black Ice
Asleep at the wheel
That keeps on turning
Painless steel
Rubber burning

Drive into the sea
That's the death for me

Drive into the sea
A sailor's death for me

Drive into the sea
Take a breath for me